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Wayne selected as a "Courage to Lead Champion"

"Courage, my friends: it is not too late to build a better world." - Tommy Douglas

As the Kootenay-Columbia NDP Riding Association, we are proud and delighted to announce that from among the hundreds of candidates in this federal election, community advocacy group LEAD NOW has named Wayne Stetski as one of nine Courage to Lead Champions.

LEAD NOW seeks out and recognizes the qualities of leadership that will make a difference in the tough challenges of our Climate and Inequality Emergency:

“Our best shot at tackling the intersecting crises we're facing is if we can elect courageous leaders — who not only recognize the scale of these issues but will rise up to respond with emergency-level action. Having the courage to tackle these crises means championing a Just Transition and a Basic Income on the campaign trail, in the House of Commons, and even challenging one's party to be better and more ambitious."

Wayne’s response,"I am honoured to be one of only nine Candidates in this election to be chosen as a Climate Champion by Lead Now. Thank you to the committee members for your vote of confidence. It will take all of us working together to fight the climate crisis."

When we nominated Wayne as our NDP candidate, we knew who we were getting. He had a proven record:

  • Standing up for the environment in provincial and national parks and in the East Kootenay Conservation Program, as EK Regional District Director, as Mayor of Cranbrook, and as our Member of Parliament from 2015-2019.

  • An advocate for people - helping them solve problems, fight poverty and get the resources and support they need.

  • A consensus builder in attracting the vote of every single Member of Parliament for his Local Food Awareness Bill.

When Wayne sees that change is needed, he steps up: he consults with people, clarifies the issue, works with them to make a plan to resolve the issue, builds strong consensus on the plan, takes step-by-step action, consulting all the way, and follows through. This takes time, it takes commitment, it takes relationship skills, and most of all, it takes courage -- Courage to Lead.

That’s our Wayne - our "Courage to Lead Champion" on the road to becoming our next Member of Parliament.

Watch the full video:

“New Democrats are committed to expanding protections for our natural environment, beginning with enshrining the right to a healthy environment in a Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights, to ensure all communities can enjoy a guarantee to clean water, land, and air.”

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