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VOTER’S QUESTION: Vaccine Passports


What’s the NDPs plan for federal vaccine passports?

WAYNE'S comments:

The Health Authorities in every Province set the rules that need to be followed. Federally we have no involvement. Since virtually every province is introducing a passport why not have a national passport to make it easy to move across Canada?
-Wayne Stetski

Read a full statement from Wayne Stetski and the other candidates for Kootenay Columbia on the topic of Vaccine rules HERE


Canadians want to keep each other safe. It should be easy to get and use a vaccine passport.

Trudeau left provinces and territories to figure it out on their own – making it harder for us.

We’ll make sure everyone has easy proof of vaccination so we all can travel & stay safe.

This isn't about the campaign. No matter who you support – we all want you safe. If you haven't been vaccinated, please do it today or as soon as you can. Here's how you can get your shot:

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