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The Virtual Campaign Office

Mike greets you as you come in the door;

"How was door knocking today?"

"Great, George and Barb over on First are excited about the new housing investments, and had some thoughtful words to share about how it's impacting their family."

"That's great, we've heard similar stories from other supporters. Let's share with the team later."

Campaigns have always handled a lot of stories, paperwork and moving parts. Since the pandemic, the digital tools have become a part of how we all do business; digital forms, zoom meetings, shared documents - and while they can be fussy sometimes, they have also been a game changer in a riding that stretches over 64,000 square kilometers.

Screenshot of the email summary sent from the Virtual Office to keep you in the loop on your terms

What is a Virtual Campaign Office?

Behind a login wall, we've created a digital place to share those stories from the campaign trail, ask questions about issues or tools, introduce each other across the riding, and share ideas about events.

This Virtual Office space is somewhere that we can all share and collaborate - a space that does not require a Facebook account.

Join the campaign team virtually with pre-call huddles, online training and support from your peers in our region.

We are many. We are organized.

Want to pop your nose in the office door?

All I ask is that you first fill out our volunteer form so we know a little bit about you. Then, you're welcome to request access to the office rooms, and join us as we share stories and collaborate across the riding to get Wayne elected in the next Federal election.

Now, if we could just get more widespread broadband internet... but, that's why we still maintain dial in access, and share recordings that can be viewed after download.

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