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Save the Date - June 4th AGM

Local leadership and energy are essential to sustain and strengthen the NDP profile in Kootenay Columbia. We hope you will consider joining the work!

At our Annual General Meeting, we report on the previous year’s activities, reaffirm our organizational structure, elect our officers and executive team, review our financial picture, and gather ideas for activities in the coming year.

Our AGM is scheduled for Saturday, June 4th, and we’d like to hear from you and your colleagues - all NDP Members who live in the Kootenay Columbia Region are invited to attend.

  • We are planning a live gathering (time and location to be confirmed) and look forward to seeing as many as we can.

  • We’ll also host a virtual component on Zoom for those who won’t be able to come in person.

  • Memberships must have been valid for 90 days to be eligible to vote and stand for election to the Executive board. (March 6th)

Please RSVP on our website below and let us know if you can or cannot attend. If there is an accessibility accommodation that would help ensure your voice is heard, please submit your request with your RSVP, and let us know if you'd like to attend an event in person in your community.

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