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Peter Julian Endorses Wayne Stetski

I've had the opportunity to work with Wayne Stetski in Parliament. What an effective representative! I am one of the many fans of Wayne's terrific work in Kootenay-Columbia and was so happy that he said yes to the many people in the riding that asked him to run to become their MP again.

The people of Kootenay-Columbia were well served by Wayne, who has been one of the most active MPs in Canada and spoke up every single week on behalf of his constituents. It is unfortunate that the current MP for Kootenay-Columbia is so silent instead of speaking up for his riding.

Wayne was elected chair of the BC Caucus of the NDP because of his exceptional leadership. His ability to work cross-party showed clearly with the success of legislation he presented that was adopted unanimously, something that happens very rarely in the House of Commons.

Wayne has been one of only nine national candidates endorsed by the national organization Leadnow. He has been awarded the Courage To Lead Champion Award because of his exceptional leadership. The people of Kootenay-Columbia and indeed all Canadians need Wayne back as a Member of Parliament!

Peter Julian

New Westminster- Burnaby

House Leader - New Democratic Party of Canada

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