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Jesse Woodward Endorses Wayne Stetski

Why I am voting for Wayne Stetski for Kootenay-Columbia :

-He is the only progressive candidate that can actually and truly win the MP seat in our local riding of Kootenay-Columbia. The outcome will be either NDP or Conservative in our riding so voting for other parties is a throw away vote. If you want to look at the last 20+ years of election results and voting trends in the Kootenay-Columbia riding here is a Wikipedia link that shows the last few decades of election outcomes:

-He is a life long environmental activist and planner.

-He understands deeply the real and present danger of the global climate crisis to our region, BC and Canada as a whole and has many workable plans and solutions about transitioning from the fossil fuel age to the sustainable renewable age.

-He is a kind, caring and compassionate person that does what he does because he cares about the future of all Kootenay-Columbia residents regardless of their political choices or who they voted for in the last election cycle.

-He has deep knowledge of how the Ottawa political system works and has many good and productive connections with politicians from all the different parties. He has and will continue to uses those connections to craft policy that works for all people regardless of political affiliation. At the heart of it, he is a bridge builder and connector.

-He understands thoroughly the different cultural and political realities of both the East and West Kootenay’s that encompasses the Kootenay-Columbia riding and is always striving and working to bring these differing cultural and political landscapes together so we can all successfully and sustainably move into a cleaner and greener future together, as a whole region.

Jesse Woodward

Nelson City Councillor

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