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Canada Day 2021

Like many Canadians, I’ve been reflecting on the history of our country, and its impact on everyone, especially those who have been hurt by cruel and oppressive policies. How can we build truly respectful relationships? How can we become a better version of ourselves? How can we turn Canada into a place we can all be proud of?

As Canada marks its 154th year as a nation, my wish for Canada is what I wish for the world -- a future of justice, equality, and healthy community.

My Vision I envision a world that welcomes and appreciates the diversity of all people, where everyone is respected and accepted. Where everyone has equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity. Where free public health covers us from head to toe. Where every student can get an affordable college or university education. Where every job pays a liveable wage. Where everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home. Where every senior can live in comfort. Where every Indigenous Reserve has the same services as modern urban communities, and they are no longer called Reserves. Where every country has legislation in place guaranteeing their citizens a healthy environment. Where every vote counts in all elections. Where the definition of a country’s success is measured in citizen happiness, not in Gross Domestic Product. Where every person’s motivation in life isn’t to get ahead of others or to hold them back, but to get behind them and help them move forward. Where the only motivation for every religion is to seek peace. Where the only role of all military forces is to keep the peace.

~ Wayne Stetski, NDP Candidate for Kootenay-Columbia, 2021

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