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Grassroot donation Campaign adds up

Canadian political financing is a tightly run ship! The NDP is proud of our small donations - many people contributing what they can adds up to a strong campaign based on our grassroots efforts.

Donating to the local NDP efforts can be done online or offline, of course! With tightening election finance rules, we cannot accept cash donations - you can choose either check or e-transfer. Here are the detailed instructions:

Mail your Check

Send your check or money order, made out to Kootenay Columbia NDP, to:

Kootenay Columbia NDP

C/O 2417 Crusher Rd

Creston, BC

V0B 1G8

E transfer from your bank

Send your donation by email to kc.financialagent at gmail dot com. Please include your name, address, phone number and confirmation of Canadian Citizenship.

Online Monthly or one time

Donations made via the Donate link available throughout the website go by way of a secure portal directly to local NDP efforts in Kootenay-Columbia. You can choose to make one-time or monthly contributions. Monthly donations help us plan and organize between elections, growing the strength of our network.

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