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Alex Atamanenko Endorses Wayne Stetski

I am very happy to support Wayne Stetski in his bid to once again serve as Member of Parliament for Kootenay Columbia!

I first met Wayne when he successfully ran in the 2015 federal election to represent an area in the West Kootenays that I had previously had the privilege of serving as MP prior to the re-alignment of electoral boundaries. Wayne has very strong environmental credentials, experience as an MP (2015-2019) and understands the workings of government at the municipal and regional levels.

After his election in 2015 Wayne was able to put party differences aside and worked with MPs of all parties as well as with federal ministers in the best interests of his constituents and our country as a whole. I also saw Wayne “in action” as Chair of the NDP BC Caucus during my brief visit to Ottawa in 2018.

In addition to his office in Cranbrook, Wayne also saw the need to open a constituency office in Nelson which was very much appreciated by those living in our area.”

Alex Atamanenko

Member of Parliament

BC Southern Interior


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