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Affordability Series - Wayne Gets Ready for Better

by Anne Jardine

All examples cited in this series of articles on Affordability are based on real experiences recounted by East and West Kootenay people living with affordability concerns.

Housing needs for different age groups have different affordability concerns that require the attention of policy makers. The NDP Commitments’ statement actually looks at the complex aspects of affordability and proposes some solutions.

In the Kootenays, Wayne Stetski, the New Democratic Party Candidate for Member of Parliament is someone who listens, who seeks ideas and solutions, who knows that the NDP’s commitment to build 500,000 affordable housing units over the next ten years is just a starting point in a housing plan that will make life better for Canadians. He knows that we must get in on the planning that will bring some of those affordable units here to the Kootenays.

There is an art or perhaps a science to moving good ideas into action.

“That kind of granular planning will take a clear understanding of what people here need, and it will take real collaboration between federal, provincial, and municipal governments. My experience in all three levels has prepared me to dig into that kind of collaboration and find – and implement - solutions that work for our communities,” Stetski says.

He adds, “One constituent recently suggested a tax break for property owners who are able to provide social or low-cost housing. Tax incentives: that’s something that might be worth looking at. I definitely want to hear whatever creative ideas people may have to solve the problems we face. Keep ‘em coming!”

Read about the New Democratic Party's "Affordability" Commitments in Ready for Better.

Search for "Affordability" in the search bar on this website for other blog posts in the Series.

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